Friday, March 13, 2009

Caught Red-Handed

Exhibit A

So it looks like I can't leave Isaiah alone for a second. He discovered the pantry this week. According to Exhibit A, it looks like he went first for the baking soda and then wisely moved on to the box of cookies. Maybe he'll try the basket of onions next and realize it's not worth getting into.


Kendra said...

That's hilarious!! I would've loved to have seen his face as he tasted the baking soda;)

Grandma Carol said...

Isiah must take after his uncle Troy. When Troy was about Isiah's age and left alone for a couple minutes he dumped out a bag of powdered sugar and drove his trucks through it. Maybe he thought it was snow.

I love the look on Isiah's face.

Love you all.

Grandma Carol