Friday, August 24, 2012

Yakisoba Noodles

This is my knock-off version of Costco's Yakisoba noodles. 
We thought it turned out really quite similar.  
The recipe below serves about 10-12. I would go ahead and make the whole thing and then freeze half of it for another time.  
It reheats well, and anyway, that's how it comes from Costco :)

Yakisoba Noodles

1 16oz pkg of spaghetti noodles 
veggies for stir frying

- sauce- 
1/2 c soy sauce 
2 T rice wine
2 T black vinegar 
1 T seasame oil 
2 T honey 
2 T grated fresh ginger 

cook noodles according to package directions drain and rinse with cold water.
cook chicken. (I used 6 thighs, but breasts work too)
steam or cook veggies. (I picked up two small  packages of frozen stir fry veggies at Wal-mart)
make the sauce by combining all the ingredients.
oil the pan with a tablespoon of oil then add half of your noodles and drizzle with half of your sauce. 
cook about 5 min until they start to look darker and dryer. repeat with other half of noodles.
add cooked chicken and cooked veggies to all the noodles and serve it up.