Monday, January 5, 2009

This Week's Specials

So I have a really hard time planning meals for the week. I get stuck on the same meals and can't figure out another way to make chicken look/taste different. Let's share with each other either what you have planned for this week or what you made last week.

I'll start....
This week I plan to make:

BBQ Chicken Sandwiches/potatoes/applesauce
French Toast/fruit/maple sausage
Chicken Pesto/breadsticks/salad
Meatloaf/mashed potatoes/green beans
Deep dish pizza


summer said...

I was just thinking yesterday that it would be so nice to find someone else's weekly menu to get ideas from! This is one of the things that I am going to try to be more consistent about this year.

as of now, my plan for this week...
baked enchiladas
soy garlic chicken & rice
baked ziti (your recipe)
chili chowder & cornbread
chicken-broccoli-rice casserole

Heidi said...

Thanks for your menu Summer! I'm going to ask for this each week so we can get lots of ideas. For some reason my brain goes dead when it's time to come up with a menu.

I like the soy garlic chicken idea. I had forgotten about that one.
And I haven't done chili in a while.

Julie H said...

Hi ladies,

Great idea Heidi! I agree with you guys that it is always hard to keep a varied menu. I have not been very good at it! Here are my plans for the week:

Egg&Turkey Bacon McMuffins/Hash Browns
Beef Barley Soup/Bread/Green Salad
Chicken Risotto
Pekin Plum Chicken (maybe egg rolls if I get ambitious)
Spinach Cheese Pasta

I'm going to have to work in some of your recipes next week. =)

Heidi said...

Yeah! More ideas!
I love breakfast for supper, and Peking Plum chicken is sounding good, and the egg rolls too.

Annabelle said...

What a great idea! Here is what we are having

Pasta Rosa (Rebecca's Recipe)
Beef and Broccoli
Chicken Divan Casserole (new one - we'll see how it goes
Garlic Potato Soup (also new)

Anonymous said...

I go thru phases when it comes to making a menu.

~chicken pasta bake/salad (used up some leftovers)
~pork chops/pierogies/carmelized apples/carrots
~maple-baked apple chicken/rice/broccoli