Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Musical Shares

It's time to shake-up my play list. I need some new tunes to listen to. What are you guys enjoying listening to these days? Please give me some suggestions.


Grant said...

I think you should try some contemporary stuff like Amy Grant, Bob Carlile, Michael W. Smith, Sandy Patty....stuff like that. It's probably new to you though.

Hilda said...

Yeah, thanks Grant, but I think those might be should I say it....have too much of a beat. I was thinking more along the lines of George Beverly Shea. You know, something that will get me in the mood to clean the house:)

C'mon people! You got nothin' for me?!

sophie said...

I haven't been listening to much music these days... what kinda' stuff do you like?... I mean, Jazz? Classical? Rap? Whatever-they-call-"do-wap"-music? :)

Granola said...

Have you listened to Elizabeth Hunnicutt? She sort of Sarah Grovesie. Plumb? Good for cleaning the house or driving without kids. Fireflight (Unbreakable), pretty rocky but fun! Ooo how about Michael O'Brien for some romance? Love his Something About You.

What are you listening to?

Hilda said...

Thanks Sheryl! I'm gonna check some of those out on itunes right now!

Sophie- I like a variety of music, except most country and rap.