Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Fresh Start

The start of a new year. A chance to do things different, or better, or not at all. This year I've decided to:
-drink more water each day
-put things away right after using it
-set a specific time/place to read my Bible and pray

I think this is a manageable list. It's not overwhelming like when you get that first look at a course syllabus and think "how will I ever get through this!"

I've already got my "place" set up where I will read and pray. I'm hoping that by making a special spot in my bedroom it will remind me to sit and visit for a while. Tony and I totally re-did our bedroom. If anyone saw it before (which we never let anyone in except for maybe grandparents who were helping with laundry) you would know that our bedroom was anything but inviting. There was just enough room to walk from the door, around the bed, to the bathroom. But now........there is nothing but floor space, and I love being in there. The kids love being in there too. It's like we added on another room. All this to say, I hope I can establish a routine of reading and praying in there before the newness wears off. Accountability helps, so feel free to ask how I've been doing. I hope to post what I'm reading/learning about too.


summer said...

I'm crazy about room re-organizing. Hopefully I'll get to see it sometime!
Have you done your reading yet today? (by the way, great list for 09)

Hilda said...

Yes, I did! I'm reading in Proverbs right now. Please keep asking me. I need it!