Monday, January 12, 2009

Menu Monday

Hello everybody! Hope you all had a great weekend! And now we have the start of another week before us. So what are you all making this week?
Here's my menu for the week. You'll see I took some helpful suggestions from you guys. Thanks!

Rolly Polly Pasta/salad
Eggrolls/cream cheese wantons
Chicken Piccata/veggie/potatoes
????? /??????/????? (still trying to think of something)


Annabelle said...

Here are my meals for the week. A few are repeats because we didn't end up having them.

Mon: Meatloaf/Squash/Brussels
Tues: Beef and Broccoli/Rice
Wed: Parmesan Chicken/Pot./Zucc.
Thurs: Mexican Lasagna/Salad
Fri: Sausage Mushroom Breakfast Bake
Sat: Egg Rolls/Wontons - thanks for the inspiration!
Sun: Pizza

Anonymous said...

Mon: Soy garlic chicken/rice
Tues: Roast beef/potatoes/carrots
Wed: Supper at church
Thurs: Beef stroganoff/???
Fri: White chicken chili/grilled cheese
Sat & Sun: Leftovers!

Anonymous said...

P.S.- I love your blog Heidi!

Julie H said...

Well, you will see a few repeats for me. I got sick last week and cooking was not on the radar screen. =)

Spinach Cheese Pasta
Peking Plum Chicken/egg rolls (hopefully)
Lentil soup/grilled cheese/salad
Baked Oatmeal/Eggs/Turkey Bacon

I also just want you all to know the appetizing nature of my word verification characters - flush. =)

summer said...

How nice!
Thanks Heidi & everyone who has commented- I'm getting a lot of ideas from your plans!