Monday, July 6, 2009

Senior High Camp 2009

Once again, camp was great! We didn't want to leave! We had such a good time working in the kitchen, judging cabin clean-up, helping with the ropes course, going to chapel, and just hanging out. Here is a taste of some of the fun we had during our week at Camp Shetek.

Evening chapel with Tim Lemmens

Evening activity: involves cans full of water, campers with a paper cup, and counselors sitting in a chair with a tray to block water. Driest counselor wins.

Cousins playing with large bins of water.

Senior high campers. I think there were around 100 10th-12th graders.

Prayer Chapel


Morning activity: sandcastle building

Morning activity: ropes course

The Cabana: smoothies, iced coffees, and snow cones

War Games! One of the highlights of the week for most campers and the staff too.

The staff dress up differently each year for war games and are snipers who hide a camp flag and a bible at the nearby Boy Scout Camp. The campers split up into 2 teams, wear flags that stick out their waistband (like flag football), and try to find the flag and Bible.

Morning activity: Cooking with Judy. Some made thumbprint cookies with Mom. I helped the others make zucchini flat bread.

Addie helping in the kitchen as a 'kitchen girl'. And Evan helping run the dishwasher.

Friday night skit night. Another highlight of the week. It is run kind of like 'The Tonight Show' with host Guy Conrad (who is actually my brother Grant in costume). And each cabin performs a skit and then the moment that everyone has been waiting for all year happens. We get to see the new Camp staff video. And here it is for your viewing pleasure.

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Nea Huggins said...

The staff video is amazing!!! You guys are a riot! I've got to get my kids there!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing, Heidi!