Monday, July 6, 2009

Menu Monday

We are back from a WONDERFUL week at camp. Hope you all had a nice 4th of July!
Now back to the real world!

parmesan crusted chicken/tomato topping/bread
grilled chicken salad
on the road to a cabin with the Coopers!


Christina said...

Mmmm...parmesan crusted chicken sounds amazing! Will you post the recipe? Please? (or maybe you already have, and I just need to go find it...) ; )

Heidi said...

Hey Christina! I do already have it posted. Check under the chicken recipes. Hope it's what you are imagining.

Kendra said...

welcome back! On the menu this week at the Mancuso's:
Chicken Taco Fettuccine
Fajita Egg Bake
Lasagna Toss
Chili Potatoes with Sweet Peppers
Rotini w/Italian Veggies/chicken sausage
*on the 4th of July I made a killer Lemonade-Cheesecake-Pie....oh so good....Joe and I consumed the WHOLE pie within 24 hours:)