Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Don't grow weary! Don't!

Let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up. Galatians 6:9

I always forget about PVS, you know, post-vacation syndrome. It's where somehow during your vacation your kids forget everything they were ever taught the second they walk back in the familiar doors of their home and those years of training have to be retaught in like 2 days. Meanwhile, they do remember every annoying thing that irritates each family member and try them all out at once.

Why? Why should a little thing like changed schedule and lack of sleep wipe out from ones memory that you shouldn't shake the black paint bottle while the lid is off? Or that you need to put the shower curtain
inside the tub when the water is on? Or, no, we did not just install that flight of stairs off the living room, they've always been there, so I'm not sure why you fell down all of them? Or "that's why I asked you to go to the bathroom before we left so we wouldn't have to leave our grocery cart and drag 3 kids into one tiny, dirty bathroom in the back of the store where I balance you on the toilet with one arm and keep Isaiah from eating who knows what with one leg!"
Oh, how I am weary in doing good as a mother today! I'm impatient and irritated and tired and my kids are getting the brunt of it. So how do I change? Kids are going to be annoying and ungrateful and irritating. What am I going to do about it? They are my kids and I am responsible for bringing them up right. I know I can't do it on my own. I need to lean on God during these post-vacation days to persevere and not grow weary of doing what I know is right which is giving my kids gentle reminders of rules they already know, and being patient with them, and disciplining them not out of anger but with loving correction, and know that this too will pass...until next week when we come back from another vacation. (pray for me!)

But I am encouraged that in due season, I will reap, if I do not give up!
So I must take a deep breath, and press on, and not grow weary in doing good.

Oh Lord, give me patience as I guide my kids back to 'normal' life. Help me not to add to the problem, but be an example of Your love and use this as an opportunity to practice perseverance, and 'bearing with one another', and unconditional love, and patience. Please give me wisdom as I direct my kids. Help me not to grow weary of doing what I know is right and good. I need Your help to do this! Thanks for not growing weary of doing good to me! May You be my example and ever present in my mind as I go through today's trials.

What are you growing weary in?


Christina said...

This encouraged me today. My son seems to be beginning the trying two-year-old stage, and I was starting to feel tired of doing the right thing in mothering. God used this to nudge my thought patterns back to being in focus. He is good.

Heidi said...

God is good. Thanks, Christina, for sharing. It's encouraging to know others deal with this too, and we can hold each other up in prayer. I'll pray for you.