Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Give Away!

This is my 100th post! I can't believe I have stuck with this blog thing. I'm usually really faithful at things (exercise, discipline plans, new year's resolutions, etc.) for about a whole week and then I lose interest or come up with reasons why I shouldn't do it anymore. But blogging has been great for me! I set out wanting it to help me get organized with meal planning, keeping distant family updated on the Cooper's goings-ons, and to help me memorize scripture. It has done all of that for me and as an added bonus (and probably even more exciting for me) is that you guys share through your comments about your life. Thank you so much! I love reading what you have to say, so please keep the comments coming!

In appreciation of your readership, I would like to give away a gift to 2 lucky commenters.
These handy-dandy, hand-embroidered dish towels!

There's a few ways you can be entered in the drawing:

1. Leave a comment below about what you enjoy about this blog.
example: "I really enjoy seeing how you label each post."

Try to come up with something more exciting than that, but if that's truly what you enjoy, then.....go for it!

2. Tell a friend about Housewifery. For each person you tell, your name will be entered again. Just leave a new comment for each person you told.
example: "Enter me again! I told my sister about your blog."
or: "Hey, I'm commenting again because I just told my mom to check out your blog so she could win the dish towels for me."

3. If you are new to this blog, just leave a comment saying you are new.
example: "I'm new to your blog. Heard about it from my brother's sister's mom."

*Don't forget to leave your email so I can contact you if you are one of the lucky winners!
example: heidi at visi dot com

Entries will be accepted until midnight on Sunday, May 10th.
Sometime on Monday I will randomly pick the 2 winners. And a dish towel will be coming your way! So get your comments in!


Mrs. E said...

Hello :-)

I love all of your neat recipes that you post on your blog. I also love the cute picture of your children.

summer said...

Heidi, this is so exciting!!
Okay, things i love. There's a lot. I really like the kid stories. And your words of wisdom, and the menu for the week, and everything. But I'm especially thankful for the recipes you've shared. Most of the new things I've tried in my kitchen lately have been straight from Housewifery. Thank you!

Oh, and a long time ago I told my mom and sister about Housewifery. Does that count?

ps. those dishtowels look so lovely!!

Brea said...

Ooooh, oooooh, oooooh... I love, love, love those dishtowels and of course you too! I also agree with summer, great recipes and I always look forward to your humor. But my absolute favorite part of your blog is that I get to see super cute pics of the fam. I miss you all too much. And lastly, I'm so impressed that you've kept up with the blog. That takes hard work and dedication which is hard enough without 3 kids! Way to go hilda!!!

Bryant said...

i am new.
my email is bryant dot dittmer at gmail dot com

(oh and i could use some dish towels as well!)

Kendra said...

I love your blog! I like 'reporting' what I make for meals - it helps me not fall in a rut and try new recipes! I also like your banner graphic - little Isaiah on the floor, Addie helping bake and Heidi the homemaker baking away!! :)

Julie H said...


Thanks for keeping up the blog. I do love seeing the stuff on the kids and your blog is especially motivating for me to get my menu planned each week. Your food posts also help to give my menu inspiration and variety.

I would love the dish towels, but Bryant might need them more than I do. =)

jessica said...

I love this blog! Especially the recipes. Keep them coming!

Anonymous said...

Heidi, thank you for this blog. It is a honor to have you in my life. I am going to make the strawberry cake and the triple chocolate. I can't believe you and Tony aren't fat! I look forward to more of your posts. God bless you!

Grandma Marian said...

Your blogs are inspirational and I really want a towel.

Judy said...

Heidi, Happy Mother's Day! I am thankful for you and how God has richly blessed you with a sweet family. I love your dedication to the blog. I look forward to reading yours and Summers. I am so impressed with your recipes. They are always good ones! I especially like the verses and devotional thoughts. And I love being able to stay in touch with what's going on at the Coopers! Did I mention that I really like the towels?

judy said...

Heidi, I love to read all your comments and your recipes and what's happening in your family. I love the pictures of Isaiah. He shows that he is very innovative when it comes to cleaning up a mess. I enjoyed Addie and Symone at my house Thursday afternoon. They seemed to have a good time, but
Addie finally had to have a nap. She's a doll. They especially loved the homemade vanilla pudding with strawberries and whipped cream in a pretty dish. You can be proud of your wonderful family.

Grandma Marian said...

That last post is suppose to be
Grandma Marian instead of judy.

Sophie said...

You mean the last post is supposed to be Sophie in stead of Grandma Marian.
P.S. I think Bryant is in need of dish towels!

Kendra said...

Heidi - I told Christie about your blog today! Does that earn me another entry in the give away? ;)

Granola said...

I'm sneaking in at the end here! Love those towels! I enjoy reading your insights - my mind still wanders to your post about serving our families as we would serve our Lord. Thanks for the encouragement! Love the recipes too!

Brea said...

Hey there- did grandma really post those? She has a computer? I'm so impressed! Way to go g-ma!!!