Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The beginning of knowledge

When I was in high school, I frequently prayed for the same 3 things:
1- that God would prepare for me a godly man to marry
2- that God would give me wisdom
3- that God would give me lots of money
I'm not proud of that last one, but keep in mind I was 16 at the time.
Thankfully, He saw the foolishness of that 3rd request and knew what my heart really wanted/needed and that was to always provide for my needs.

My first request was answered graciously when He led me to Tony. He knew Tony was the kind of man I needed and God continues to bless me through Tony.

As for the 2nd request, He is still teaching me that one, and I pray He always will. My God is so big that I will always be learning of His knowledge and wisdom. I don't want a God I can figure out after 'x' many hours of study and then I know everything I need to know about Him. My God is huge and I will be spending eternity learning from Him. But the beginning of that knowledge begins with fearing Him. Proverbs 1:7 says, "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge."

What does that mean? That phrase has always tripped me up--the fear of the Lord. It's not the kind of fear that causes us to be frightened, instead, it is a feeling of reverence; awe.

Think of it this way:
Think back to when you first met your spouse or someone you like (if you're not married). You found out everything you could about them. You hung out where they hung out. You found out what they liked to eat and tried to like it too. You found what music they liked to listen to and listened to it too. You wanted to know everything about them! You cared what they said and how they said it and hung on to and replayed in your mind every sweet word that fell from their mouth. You adored them, honored them, stood up for them, defended them, revered them. You feared what they might think of you not what your friends might think of you for being so in much more should our affections be towards God!

If I want godly wisdom it all has to start with knowing God. I'm going to hang out where He hangs out (church, fellowship with other Christians, the Bible). I'm going to care about and memorize and replay in my mind every sweet word that came from His mouth (the Bible). I'm going to like what He likes and hate what He hates. I'm going to adore Him, honor Him, stand up for Him, defend Him, revere Him, and fear what He thinks of me not what the world thinks of me. Because He is the One I will be spending eternity with, so I want to know all I can about Him before I get there!

Lord, thank you for knowing our hearts and giving us what we really need and not what we think we need. Please continue to give me wisdom so that I can know Your will. Make it something I desire more than anything else. May I find true pleasure in seeking after You. Thank you for the love you created in marriage to point us to a greater love in You.

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Judy said...

Thanks, Heidi, I have been waiting and waiting for the new verse and devotional. I love how you make it relevant by using examples that relate to us.