Sunday, April 19, 2009

Ukrainian Easter Eggs

This year at Easter Tony's mom, Carol, showed us how to decorate eggs Ukrainian-style. She learned how by taking a class while vacationing in Florida. Turns out the kits to make the eggs are sold right here in Minnesota! Roseville even!
You do a series of wax drawing and dye dipping. For example, first you cover up with wax everything you want white. Then you dip the egg in yellow dye. Cover up everything you want yellow. Then you dip it in green dye. etc, etc, until you go through every color. Then you melt off all the wax and dip your egg in varnish to protect and preserve the colors.
We all thought it was pretty cool. Looks like we found a new Easter tradition. Thanks Carol!

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summer said...

these are beautiful, Heidi!
what a fun tradition to start.