Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I love how this verse gets to the point of what a man needs and what a women needs. They are different.
A women needs love. She needs to feel loved. She enjoys hearing her husband say, "I love you". She appreciates the knowing glances across the table, the "just because" flowers, the kind gestures that show "he knows what I need".
A man on the other hand needs respect. The way a man needs to feel your respect is different than how you need to feel his love. It doesn't have the same effect if you kiss him at the end of the day and say, "Good-night. I respect you!"
So how do you show him respect? Most of the time it is our actions that show if we respect our husbands or not. Do we let them make decisions for the family and then stand by him? Do the kids know he's the ultimate authority in the family? Do you respect him in public? Do you ever criticize something he said or did to your friends? Or his friends? When we show him disrespect in the areas of provider or protector it makes him feel that he's inadequate.
We as wives have the power to build our husbands up or tear them down. Take the opportunity to tell others what a great father your husband is, or how he helps with the cooking, or how much you love him. Praise him in front of others. Tell him and show him that you trust him.

Lord, thank you for giving me Tony. I love that he is a godly man and takes seriously his role as head of our house. Help me to see him the way You see him, the way You created him with his strengths and weaknesses. Help me to love him the way You love him-unconditionally. May I be a good helper to him. May I listen to his guidance as he seeks Your will. Help me to show him the respect he deserves, both in word and in deed, both publicly and privately. May he never have to question if his wife supports him because I trust him and know that he will choose what is best for us as we follow You.

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summer said...

this was such a great reminder.
thank you, Heidi.