Monday, April 26, 2010

French Fries

Here's an easy recipe. It just takes a little time. But worth it!

French Fries


cut potatoes into desired shape.
soak 1/2 hour in cold water.
heat oil in sauce pan to 325 degrees. oil should be 1" - 1 1/2" deep.
dry potatoes and place into oil for 5-7 minutes. don't overcrowd. can be done in batches.
remove to paper towel-lined tray.
Once all potatoes are fried, heat oil to 350 degrees.
re-fry fries for an additional 2 minutes until golden brown.
remove to paper towel-lined tray and season with salt.


Anonymous said...

O-O-Ohhh, those look really, really good! What kind of oil did you use?

Heidi said...

I used olive oil because that's all I had on hand, but you can use peanut or canola or any vegetable oil.
Give it a try! They tasted really, really good! :)