Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Menu Monday on Tuesday

Sorry, I'm a little off this week. Let's see what this week brings us by way of culinary pleasure....or maybe just sustenance.

broccoli soup/grilled cheese/apples
turkey burgers/sweet potato fries
parmesan crusted chicken/baked potato/green beans
beef stroganoff/noodles/salad/carrots
pasta rosa/good bread

What are you guys planning to fix? I love hearing your ideas.


summer said...

thanks for your ideas, heidi!
what recipe are you using for parmesan crusted chicken?
this week we're having..
-chili & cornbread
-pancakes & eggs (today, because it's national pancake day & grant wants to celebrate!)
-soy garlic chicken & rice
-calvin noodle bake
-tater tot hotdish (grant's favorite)

Hilda said...

For the parmesan crusted chicken you just salt and pepper some chicken breasts then press as much shredded parmesan cheese onto as you can. Then you put it into a hot skillet until cheese melts and gets crusty. Then flip and do other side until chicken is fully cooked. Top with some diced tomatoes,sundried tomatoes,balsamic vinegar, and basil.
Hopefully I'll have a pic later this week.

Julie H said...

Hi ladies. I think that I have a plan and it is only Wednesday. =) Heidi, what do you do for your Nachos Supreme? Any suggestions?

Garbanzo beans/Tomato/Couscous thing
Bacon McMuffins/Hash browns (I think I am addicted to these)
Almond Chicken/Rice
Nacho Salad/nachos Supreme
Quiznos (you can get a free sandwich by going to millionsubs.com)

Hilda said...

Julie- for the Nachos Supreme I do kind of a make-your-own and have available the following:
tortilla chips
cilantro rice
seasoned hamburger
sour cream
black beans
Just pile it high on your plate!