Thursday, May 17, 2012

Tan Tan Udon

The other day I really wanted to cook something with bok choy in it. So after searching the interweb, I came across this recipe that looked super good. 
Besides the bok choy it has udon noodles, which is another item I had been wanting to cook, sausage, sesame oil, and broth. 
Turns out, it was a winner! 
Everyone loved it and asked for seconds and thirds. We had to cut them off when they asked for fourths. Looks like there is only one serving left in the fridge. 
I'll have to distract them with something else when it's time to eat :)

Tan Tan Udon
adapted from taste with the eyes

1 lb all natural sausage (as spicy as you like it)
2 T sesame oil
1 t chili paste (i used a red curry paste)
1 T garlic, minced
1/2 c chives, chopped
32 oz chicken broth
1 c cream
1 c milk
udon noodles
bok choy

trim off the stalks from the bok choy and cut into ribbons. these will really cook down, so you will want a lot. I probably had about 5 cups cut up.
place in boiling water until tender (about 5 min).
drain and place in an ice water bath to shock. once cooled, drain again and set aside.
meanwhile, brown sausage and once cooked through add sesame oil, chili paste, garlic, and chives.
cook for one minute.
next add broth, cream, and milk. bring to a boil then simmer.
cook udon noodles according to package. everyone loves the noodles, so cook a lot!

now you are ready to assemble:
scoop some noodles into a bowl
add some bok choy on top
ladle the hot soup over and dig in!

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