Sunday, August 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Evan!

That went way too fast!

Here are some pictures of how we spent the day celebrating Evan's life.
We went to Lake Elmo Park Reserve, which was AMAZING!
They have a HUGE play structure!
The kids played while we got lunch ready.

Then the kids all ate in the van because the bees found our spot and they all freaked out.
Next, we headed over to the Swim Pond.
It's a large man-made pond that is filtered and slightly chlorinated.
Most of the swim area is only 3 ft deep which is perfect for our kids.
The deepest part is about 5 ft, and even out there you can see the bottom because it's filtered water.
Wish we would have found this place at the beginning of summer!
We also played in the sand.
And made a castle? or river? It kept changing.
Then we went orienteering.
The park had compasses and a map available to use on their trails.
The map showed where different posts were located and you had to find them using your map/compass reading skills.
We found it!
Then we came home and did a scavenger hunt...
An obstacle course....

A silly string fight....
A pizza party...
...and finally some birthday cake!

Happy Birthday Evan! Hope you enjoyed your day.

I can't believe we are half-way done with you!
I know you say you'll never leave us, but something will change in these next 9 years and your days wanting to live here will be gone as you mature and move on to your next phase of life.
We have so much more to teach you and you have so much more to teach us.
I'm so grateful God gave you to us, Evan. And we love you very much!


Anonymous said...

Happy B-Day, Evan! We love you and it looks like you had a grand day. Where is this wonderful spot? Is it close to Forest Lake? I want to know what your cake was.

Mom Judy said...

That last comment was from Grandma Judy, your anonymous Grandma. Nine is so fine, Evan, just like you!

Brea said...

Happy Evan Day!!! I'm quite jealous of your birthday events. How are your parents going to top that for your 10th birthday? Wow!