Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Mediterranean Chicken

This is another knock-off dish. Tony and I like to eat at authentic hole-in-the-wall little mom-n-pop shops. The kind where the husband and wife are the only employees, and they don't speak English, and they don't accept credit cards. Because you know it's gonna be good! This one is inspired by a dish from The Black Sea on Snelling Ave in St. Paul. If you can find it, you should eat there!
The Chicken
4 chicken breasts
1 med. onion

2 T paprika
1 T garlic

Puree onion in blender or food processor. Add rest of ingredients. Marinate chicken in it for at least 15 min, but feel free to do more.
Grill and slice.

The Pita Bread
I usually just buy it, but one time I had a crowd to feed and pita bread ain't cheap so I tried this recipe from Smitten Kitchen. It was fun to make because they puff up like cute little yummy pillows!

The tzatziki sauce
This is what really makes the dish. REALLY! If you don't have this, I wouldn't bother. The rest is actually just an excuse to devour this sauce. If you ever see a container of tzatziki sauce (a.k.a. cucumber sauce) buy it! Buy 10 of them and freeze them! But it's hard to find, and not all brands are the same, so luckily I found an awesome recipe from this blog. (Don't you love the interweb!) So now I can make it whenever I want, or run out, or see cucumbers on sale, or hear the word pita. Really! It's that good!

Eating it up
So, what we do is just put out all the ingredients in the middle of the table. Besides what is mentioned above we also do rice pilaf, lettuce, tomato, peppers, and onions.
Then you take a little pita wedge and assemble to your liking--a little sauce, a little rice, a little chicken, a little more sauce, some veggies--then dip it in some more sauce and eat it up! Then repeat until you are stuffed, or the sauce is gone, or you are the last one at the table.

**Hey! It's GF without the pita and the pilaf (just do plain rice).

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Sharon said...

I found your blog after my neice, Lauren, told me about Summer's blog. I was so glad to find your blog and get a glimpse into your life! I've been reading it for a month (maybe longer) now. I SO appreciate your honesty and your insight into the Word. Inspiring. Thank you.

After we saw you at camp last summer, Brad said he wished you and Tony lived closer...you guys are so real and down to earth.

I'm excited to try this Mediterranean chicken for dinner tonight (we also love hole-in-the-wall places!)...looking forward to grilling as it's SO hot today. There's a place in the mall in Mankato (Masads-maybe you've been there) that has a fabulous cucumber-type sauce-I'm hoping this might be similar.

My oldest, Jackson, was able to spend a his first week at Shetek this summer and loved it! You can check out my new attempt at a blog if you click on my name at the top.

Looking forward to reading more! :)