Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Homeschooling It

Have you heard we are homeschooling next year? (i could use your prayers!)

We are transforming our guest bedroom into our schoolroom. It is slowly coming together! I asked Tony to make me some book shelves for our little library. He did an excellent job! We love it!
And do you see that yellow cabinet? I rescued that from the thrift store for $10! It's a vintage jelly jar cabinet. I painted it a marigold yellow on the outside.

The inside is painted orange, green, and blue to match the kids' desks.

Left to right: Evan's, Addie's, and Isaiah's

Just a few more things to do...I still need to find myself a desk, hang our chalkboard, some maps, a clock, find an electronic pencil sharpener and figure out all this curriculum that keeps arriving at my door ;)


Janna said...

You will love it, Heidi! I've been homeschooling since Ireland was in 1st grade - she starts 8th this year (gah!). I am so happy for you family!

summer said...

this is so exciting, heidi! and your school room is so cool! that vintage cupboard... :) awesome.

Christine said...

how wonderful! what curriculum are you using?

Christina said...

Oh, wow. Your school room looks so CUTE and artsy!

Heidi said...

Thanks for the encouragement!
For curriculum we are using a mix of things.
Veritias press
Math u see
Classical conversations

Mom Judy said...

Heidi, Love your school room. It will be an amazing place for learning. Have you found a teacher desk yet? You will be a great teacher and look at the students you have! It will be a success!

Sharon said...

This is so exciting! Look forward to updates.

p.s. awesome cabinet :)