Friday, March 4, 2011

Job Security

Here's a conversation Isaiah and I had this morning while driving home from school.

Isaiah: Mom, we should go to the store and buy me a skate board (tech deck).
Me: Oh, well do you have any money?
Isaiah: No, but you have money!
Me: Well, mommy and daddy buy you things you need and you buy things you want. A skate board is something you would need to buy with your own money.
Isaiah: How do I get money?
Me: I guess you are going to have to get a job. What do you think you could do for a job?
Isaiah: (after a long pause and very serious) well, I can that a job, mommy?

After some somersaulting and a little talk about what real jobs were, Isaiah chose to help me vacuum.
Now he has 25 cents to put towards a skate board.
Don't worry, buddy. Mommy can always find a job for you to do! And some days it might even include somersaults!

...but it makes me wonder what he thinks Tony does at his job all day?


summer said...

this is awesome, heidi.

Tony Cooper said...

I read awesome blogs.

Judy Harms said...

Tony, is that why you are awesome?

Brea said...

So cute Isaiah. I can't stop laughing at the visual in my head of Tony doing summersaults around his desk.

Brea said...

Or *somersaults*...?