Thursday, October 14, 2010

Taylor's Falls October 2010

So last weekend after snapping some family photos, we sat down to eat a picnic lunch and guess who came driving up?
My oldest brother and his family! They were camping at the same park the night before! Neither of us knew the other was there, until we bumped into each other. We were both about to go on a hike in the same spot! Crazy! God's cool like that! You should have heard the screams from the cousins when they recognized each other!
So we did some hiking.
Found a cool waterfall.

Some rested.
Played in the water. (It was cold!)
Practiced silly faces.
And just enjoyed God's creativity and artistry of the beautiful day!

What a mighty God we serve!


SH said...

Remember the dead fish?

Heidi said...

Yes! That was cool and disgusting!

Mom Judy said...

Great minds travel the same road. That is so amazing! It warms my heart to know your 2 families got to enjoy each other.