Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Sai-Sai!

Isaiah you are 2 today!

2 years ago today, God was done forming you inside of me and He ushered you into our lives. You are so special!
I love your chubby little hands and feet.
I love you in your pj's.
I love your mouth full of teeth.
I love your own little language.

God has given you your own interests.
You already love football. You will pick up a ball, turn it to the laces, then throw it with precision and excitement, and yell "touchdown!"

God has given you love.
You love to cuddle and rock and give kisses.
When asked to apologize, you gently rub the arm or shoulder of the person you've offended and say with a quiet voice, "sorry". We didn't teach you that, that's who you are.

God has given you humor.
You love to get a laugh out of your older brother and sister. You'll blink your eyes long and deliberately. You'll throw your head back and let out a loud belly laugh.

I thank God for blessing us with your life. You have taught me so much about God in a way that I could only learn from you and being your mom. And for that, I am truly grateful. May you continue to be true to who God made you to be. And may God grant me wisdom to raise you in a way pleasing to Him for His glory.
I love you sai-sai!


Christina said...

What a beautiful post! Happy birthday to your little guy!

Brea said...

Awww... Happy birthday Isaiah (who has perfect eyebrows just like his mommy;o). Now I need to re-apply my mascara before I head back to work. I wasn't expecting to cry when I chose to quickly look at your blog!

Grandma Carol said...

Happy, happy Birthday, Sai-Sai.
It was so fun to be with you and your family this past weekend. We are so thankful to God for giving our family such a wonderful little 2-year old. We love you.
Grandpa and Grandma Cooper

summer said...

happy birthday, isaiah!
and heidi, this is so great!

Julie H said...

Happy Birthday Isaiah! What a sweet boy he is!

Mom Judy said...

You are right, Heidi. He is a perfect gift from God. I agree with everything you said about Isaiah. We loved taking care of your kids the other weekend. They represent you and Tony well. I know what you mean when you say that God teaches us so much through our kids.