Monday, January 4, 2010

Menu Monday

Can't wait to see what 2010 will bring.
New recipes. New wisdom. New growth.

So far it has only brought bitterly cold air! I hope it gets over that real fast!

Here's what's cookin....

ginger chicken/rice/broccoli

bbq beef sandwich/slaw/fruit
curry soup
brazilian beans & rice
deep dish pizza/fruit


Kendra said...

hmm ginger that recipe on the radar to put on you blog? sounds yummy!

Christina said...

I was going to vote for you posting the ginger chicken recipe too!

Here's what's cooking at our house this week:
M-roast chicken (with extra to use for the next two day's meals), garlic-basil mashed potatoes, glazed carrots
T-Chicken soup
W-Chicken pot pie
Th-Pasta with mushroom-Italian sausage red sauce and green beans

Mom Judy said...

Heidi, I love it that you are not afraid to try exotic recipes. I need to kick it up a notch.