Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Housewifes Unite!

Alright Housewiferians, quiet down! Let's bring this meeting to order!

A fellow housewife needs our help.

Mama has mom...Mom Judy.

My mom has asked for help and I always obey my mom, and you should mom and your own mom :)

Mom Judy is in charge of serving about 70 people each Wednesday night at her church. She needs ideas for easy, inexpensive meals that could keep warm in 2-3 crockpots and feed about 70 people. She has already served spaghetti, BBQ's (sloppy joes), hot dogs, and chili.

What do you have?

What are your ideas?

What would you do?

Let's give her as many ideas as we can think of. Let's give her so many good recipes that she won't know which one to do first. She'll be set for the year. She won't have to repeat a meal.

Go through your recipe
repertoire and see what could be adapted.
Search every corner of your memory.
Surf every food blog you can think of.

Dust off that 1970's crockpot recipe book and see if there is anything usable.

Don't come back until you have found something!
Let's go!


Brea said...

Meat ball sandwiches, sir... Ahem, ma'am!

Heidi said...

so far i've thought of:

nachos - keep the seasoned meat in the crocks then have chips and fixing available to put on top.

or hot chicken sandwiches - you cook chicken breasts in the crock with chicken or turkey gravy and serve on buns.

have you done the hot ham and cheese? I think last year you said you layered them in the crock

or what about cheesy hashbrowns and just add some diced ham. Serve with salad and bread.

Brea said...

Tortilla soup with tortilla chips on the side

Mom Judy said...

I am liking this "housewives unit thing!" I like what I am reading for ideas, thanks. I am ready to hear more.

Mom Judy said...

I meant to say unite instead of unit. sorry!

Christina said...

My mom makes some extra tasty pulled chicken bar-b-que sandwiches that are easy to make for a large number of people.

Granola said...

All I have time to say at the moment is:
Love it!

Granola said...

Okay so my favs on the crockpot blog are:

Crockpot Pizza:


Crockpot BBQ chicken and cornbread:


Crockpot Chicken Pot Pie:

I hope some of those might work! :)