Monday, June 29, 2009

menu monday

Greetings from the southern shores of Lake Shetek.
We are spending the week with my family at Shetek Baptist Camp where my dad is the director, mom is the head cook, and 3 brothers and their wives also work.
So this week's menu comes straight from the Clarke Dinning Hall.

Believe me, you've NEVER had camp food like this before!

homemade pizza/salad/fruit/coffee ice cream
chinese chicken/cabbage salad/fruit/raspberry dessert
roast beef/potatoes/carrots/homeade bread/better than ever cake
spaghetti/salad/breadsticks/pound cake
chicken alfredo lasagna/olive garden salad/flatbread/cool lime pie


Tony Cooper said...

can't wait to join you! :)

Grandma G said...

That all sounds so yummy! And knowing the head cook, I'm sure it will be. Makes me wish I were a camper this week. :)

Tell her for me, BTW, that the bread was delicious (she'll know). :)

How About Orange's mom ;)